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The NSW Parliament awards Dr. Ali El Achi and his family the Parliament Award for Academic Achievement


The Australian Parliament of the State of New South Wales awards Dr. Ali Ishaq El Achi and his family the Parliament Award for Academic Achievement.

During a ceremony in the state parliament in Sydney, with the participation of El Achi family members, friends and a number of parliamentarians, Senator Shaoquett Moselmane , a member of the Senate, presented on behalf of the Australian Parliament for the State of New South Wales the Parliament’s Award in the educational attainment of Dr. Ali Ishaq El Achi and his family.

Hon Senator Shawkat Maslamani spoke about the achievements made by Dr. Ali El Achi , and family, his brothers and their families in the field of education and business in Australia in all scientific fields, and Hon Moslemane stated that:

“He is delighted to acknowledge at NSW Parliament House a Lebanese migrant family built on love for higher education. Congratulations to Dr Alex Ashy to whom I had the honour of presenting The Family Education Acknowledgment Award at Preston Stanley room NSW Parliament. The late Dr Ishak Achi would be proud of his 11 children all of whom are multiple university degree holders. Congratulations to the Al Achi family” .

Dr. Alex Ashy thanked Senator Shaoquett Maslamane and the Australian Parliament in New South Wales for the Parliament’s decision to grant this award to him and his family, and pledged that the family would continue to give in the field of science and business, and that ElAchi’s family was always and continuously working on educational attainment in all fields and fields.

Dr Ashy stated that Hon Shoequett Moslemane MLC is a remarkable MLC and devoted most of his life serving communities, and he is a great asset to community, labor party and Parliament of NSW, and would like to see him re-elected for another term as he is the best MLC to represent all communities in NSW.

Then the journalist and media figure Akram Al-Maghoush, Director of the Center for Free Arab Media, spoke and praised the family of Dr. Ishaq El Achi and his grandchildren for excellence in the field of scientific creativity. Then, Dr. Hussein El Achi spoke in an expressive way in which he explained the family’s migration to Australia and the educational attainment achieved by the El Achi family in Australia, including doctors, pharmacists, engineers, lawyers, accountants, and then Lawyer Zainab El-Achi spoke about the cultural and scientific inheritance deposited by her late grandfather and the late Dr.Ishaq El Achi and his impact on future generations, and spoke about the distinctive justice that Australia represents and its fairness to women in all fields, especially in the judiciary and politics.

Finally Dr. Ghassan Al-Ashi concluded his speech by praising Senator Shaoquett Moslemane and the invited friends.


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