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Prime Minister had been criticised for attending radio host’s wedding


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been branded ‘the baby whisperer’ by his girlfriend Jodie Haydon after he shared a bellylaugh with Kyle Sandilands’ son Otto.

Beaming from ear to ear Mr Albanese held Mr Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston’s first child after the ceremony, with baby Otto appearing to love every bit of it.

Ms Haydon called her PM partner ‘the baby whisperer’ which sparked Ms Kynaston to jokingly asking him, ‘Are you free Wednesday night to babysit?’

‘I’ll be in London, so just drop him round,’ the PM ­quick-wittedly replied before telling Mr Sandilands to ‘have the best day’, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The PM was pictured throughout the wedding reception with Sandilands and his new wife Tegan Kynaston as well as with Sandilands’ co-host Jackie Henderson and TV presenter Karl Stefanovic.

In other pictures Mr Albanese appeared to shun his regular beer for more exotic drinks, pictured holding an empty martini glass at one stage and a half-full tumbler in another picture while others swigged from stubbies.

He relaxed in the company of the wedding party guests after being widely criticised for taking a day off to attend the lavish wedding.

The radio shock jock leapt to the PM’s defence on Saturday morning saying he was shocked by the backlash.

‘I didn’t anticipate it… My mum goes — “oh I saw on the news this morning that the Opposition was having a problem with poor old Albanese coming to the wedding”.. and she goes, “Why would they say something so horrible?”,’ Mr Sandilands said.

‘Surely the man can go to a personal event if he wants to, it’s not a 24/7 thing, if anything needed him he’d have to leave — and Mum was all bent out of shape.

‘And I was like “don’t worry, everyone always slags everyone off”, they’re always going to say something.’

In an interview between Sandilands and Mr Albanese earlier this week, the radio host said the PM had the task of keeping his mother company.

‘She’s a fan of yours, so she’s going to lose her mind,’ Mr Sandilands said live on air.

This criticism of Mr Albanese predominantly stemmed from Liberal politicians, ABC and gossip columnist Andrew Hornery, who has never hidden his dislike for Mr Sandilands.

Deputy opposition leader Sussan Ley said it was abysmal that he was ‘spinning decks at a million dollar wedding when people can’t afford their rent’.

‘There is nothing wrong with going to a friend’s wedding, but it is curious the Prime Minister thinks he can take a day off just days before his first real budget,’ she said.

‘The test of that budget will be whether (Mr) Albanese gives Australians a start date for the $275 reduction in power prices, a start date for the cheaper mortgages Labor promised and a start date for real wage rises.

‘It’s hard to see how the Prime Minister can justify being there tomorrow when there are still no answers on those promises.’

The PM also had to quash rumours that he may DJ after last year joking DJ Albo would come out should the radio king cough up an invitation, but last week when asked if he would DJ he simply responded ‘No’.

Many questioned Mr Albanese’s appearance as he would be mingling with guests such as Sandilands chief groomsmen and convicted drug trafficker Simon Main.

Mr Main, who once worked as Liza Minnelli’s assistant, was jailed in Italy in 2000 over his role in attempting to shift 333,000 ecstasy pills worth $10million.

Sandilands was questioned in the lead-up to his wedding about his chief groomsman and gave a blunt response to Daily Mail Australia.

‘These are my friends,’ he said. ‘My mate did something stupid 25 years ago. What, he has to be condemned for the rest of his life?

‘[Main] gets embarrassed for me and I said, ‘I don’t give a f**k.’ My friends are my friends and they’re the most honest, solid people I’ve ever met,’ he added.

‘I’ve met plenty of people over my life that have promised this and that, then been complete charlatans.

‘These guys are true men of their word and that’s why they’re my lifelong friends.’

The highly anticipated wedding reportedly cost more than $1m and took place at the extravagant Swifts mansion in Sydney’s Darling Point.

Mr Albanese was quizzed about his attendance prior to the wedding extravaganza, which also featured King of the Cross John Ibrahim at the celebrations.

When asked about whether he approved of convicted drug smuggler Simon Main attending he said he simply wasn’t ‘in charge of the guest list’.

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