'Chemical Ali' hanged

Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as 'Chemical Ali', before his execution in Baghdad

One of Saddam Hussein's most hated offsiders has been executed for ordering the deaths of thousands of Iraqi Kurds more than 20 years ago. Ali Hassan al Majid was better known as 'Chemical Ali' for his role in the gassing of at least 5,000 Kurds


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Brown to face Iraq war inquiry

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown leaves 10 Downing Street

Downing Street has confirmed that the Prime Minister will give evidence to Britain's Iraq inquiry before the general election. The news of Gordon Brown's appearance came on the day the United Nations'


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Survivors defy odds as toll tops 110,000

Haitians carry a pregnant woman through Port-au-Prince

Survivors are still being pulled from rubble in earthquake-devastated Haiti, defying the odds as the disaster's death toll climbs to more than 110,000. Rescuers have found a man and an elderly woman under separate ruins in Port-au-Prince,

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French kiss all-male boardrooms goodbye

French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

The French government has passed a radical affirmative action plan that will force publicly-listed companies to hire more women in their boardrooms. At the moment women hold fewer than 10 per cent of boardroom seats in publicly-listed companies,


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Chastened Obama admits voter neglect

The chastened US President Barack Obama concedes he has made some mistakes in his first year in office. The Democratic Party's loss of a key Senate seat in Massachusetts has been an anniversary gift the President could have done without.

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