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The World Observer Media produces two daily online newspapers in English and Arabic established in 2006 and a monthly magazine.   

  • The World Observeroffers its readers a great variety of information on local, national, regional and international news covering current affairs, interviews and opinions, as well as offering a diverse choice of features and articles on the arts, celebrity news, leisure, lifestyle, entertainment, advice news, cartoons, business, technology, sports, among other areas.  Its readers include Australian and expatriates alike, and is particularly admired by the business community.
  • The World Observer presents its contents with an in-depth analysis and exclusive editorials, critics of the right politicians, people and issues to laugh at, which might just help the readers to remember which is which. It contents a section of a forum for humor in a world totally insane.
  • The World Observer will become the first of its kind in Australia and even in the world. It contains social parody, biting political satire and real world news behind the scenes in a way that will eventuate in leaders around the world not appreciating its comprehensive coverage of editorial cartoons, comics, funny photos and caricature photos.
  • The World Observer’s mission is to entertain and educate young people in Australia and around the world,while remaining a favorite of adults who are interested in national and foreign information.Our main aim is also to encourage creativity and self expression; and grant young people the freedom of writing and publishing their articles among their peers.
  • As a private, independent publication, The World Observer supports itself on advertising and circulation revenue alone. It receives no subsidy from any third party, governmental or private interest and our "editorial line" is purely independent of outside influence.
  • The World Observer opens a global window toincite its readers to take a fresh look at the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Americas, etc and its peoples, too often presented as one-dimensional or stagnant .


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