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Impatient bride demands unsuspecting fiance marry her in middle of Target


Unbelievable footage has emerged revealing the moment a bride demanded that her unsuspecting fiancé marry her in the middle of Target.

The TikTok video shows the bride accosting her fiancé, who is an employee at the Target store.

Dressed in a wedding gown, and with a bridesmaid and pastor by her side, the American woman was heard telling her man that “We are getting married right now!”

“You proposed two years ago and it’s time to do it or get out,” she can be heard saying.

“We are getting married right now or I’m leaving right now. I’m done.

“If you don’t marry me this second … I’ve brought my pastor, my bridesmaid.”

The bride-to-be explained to the camera: “Hi guys, I’m just finally making him commit you know?

“We are getting married now or it’s over.”

The stressed-out fiancé can then be heard asking his fiancée if they can “talk about it outside”.

After agreeing, the nervous bride walks past the camera towards the exit with her wedding party and fiancé following behind.

“I am shaking,” she said.

The groom is then heard adding: “Could someone not have told me about this?”

The video then comes to an end, leaving many social media users curious as to whether the bride’s demand was met.

Others were scathing of the woman’s methods to make her fiancé commit.

“This is so nuts! If I was considering marrying a person and they did this, our relationship would immediately be over,” said one.

Wrote another: “Please tell me he said ‘no’.”

Added a third: “That poor pastor. This is not the holy ceremony of commitment he signed up to perform at seminary college.”

Many pointed out another bizarre detail in the video.

“Why is the bride wearing a bum bag? So many questions,” said another.

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